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$13.00 5lb box

$25.00 10lb box

$70.00 30lb freezer box

(approximately 122 X 15.52 X 92 size with a plastic liner inside, ready for you to take home and freeze.)

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$13.00 for 5lb bag

$75.00 30lb freezer box

About Us


Blueberry Junction has always tried to produce the best blueberries you will ever taste!  High quality and great taste bring  our customers back year after year.  Come try our blueberries for yourself, and we think you’ll agree with them.


We don’t claim to be organic, but we do our best to limit your exposure to chemical pesticides.  We do our best to maintain healthy plants that produce high quality berries using the least amount of chemical pesticides.  In our “no spray” fields it is our practice that from the beginning of the blossom season until the all the fruit is picked we apply only organic sprays.


Who Are The People?


Kerry is the face you often see at the farm market.  He enjoys taking time off from managing the farm to meet our customers in person.  He loves to see your smiles when you taste those awesome blueberries!


Linda is in charge of blueberry sales at the farm.  In summer she is often found in the packing shed making sure the quality of the berries is top notch. When fresh sales are over she can usually be found in the office on Monday and Thursday afternoons, and Saturday morning with the same tasty berries already frozen and ready for you to enjoy.


Craig is our operations manager.  He is in charge of growing and picking your blueberries at just the right time to ensure the best flavour and quality.


Shirley is the friendly face you see at the Blueberry Junction store in summer, and sometimes at farm markets.  She oversees the U-Pick and fresh sales.


Jill helps with our communications and sales.  And of course, the grandchildren are our quality control specialists.  They can often be found in the field where they are busy checking the quality and ripeness of the blueberries.


We need a lot of help to produce, pick and pack those blueberries you love so much.  In the summer we have local crews that pick, sort and pack the berries, always under our watchful eye.  We also have Mexican workers who help to prune and weed the fields, and then stay to help with the harvest as well.  Some of them return to us year after year, and they have become like part of our family.

News and Events

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  • Taking Orders for 2021! 8-6-2021 - We’re taking orders now for the 2021 crop.  We think the blueberries will be ready around the middle of July. Call or text 604-556-8066 with your name and phone number to be added to our call list.  We’ll be in … Continued
  • Thanks for coming out to see us! 16-9-2020 - Thanks again to all of you who came out to see us for fresh blueberries, and to all of you who are still coming to see us for frozen! We really appreciated your patience and sense of humor as we … Continued

What People Say?

We stopped and bought a 10 pound box of blueberries from you on our way to the ferry today. We’re sitting in the ferry lineup now and we just tasted the berries. Now I wish we’d got a lot more. They’re the best blueberries we ever tasted!

My girlfriend won’t let me buy blueberries anywhere else. She says we have to wait until yours are ready because they’re the best.

I can’t believe it! I picked through the whole box and I didn’t have to throw one berry away.