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$60.00 30lb freezer box

(approximately 122 X 15.52 X 92 size with a plastic liner inside, ready for you to take home and freeze.)

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Blueberries are fun to pick as well as eat!


Why not plan an outing to Blueberry Junction?   Have Mom or Dad call ahead if you plan to come in the morning.  Remember to wear a hat and sunscreen.


Picking blueberries can be a lot of fun.  How fast can you fill your pail?   Who can find the biggest blueberry?


Bring your camera and see how many different bugs you can find.  Take pictures of dragonflies if you can.  They fly very fast!  See if you can find a ladybug.  They are friendly and helpful to farmers.  oHow about a bee?   What else can you see?


Count the birds you see.  We have hawks, eagles, crows, sparrows and robins just to name a few.


And what about flowers?  There are many different flowers that grow in and around the fields.  They come in many different colours, sizes and shapes.  Who can count the most different flowers?


Summer Recipes Kids Can Make:




Into the blender or bullet put:

• half a cup of blueberries
• half a cup of apple juice
• half a cup of greek yogurt (I like honey or vanilla flavour)


Blend until smooth.  Put the mix into ice pop moulds and freeze for about 4 hours.

If you like creamier fruit pops use more yogurt and less apple juice.




Into the blender put:

• one cup of frozen blueberries
• one cup of milk


Blend until smooth.  Drink!

For a creamier milkshake substitute one half cup of greek yogurt for one half cup of the milk.


For more kid-friendly activities go to:

www.bcblueberry.com and click on kids

www.agriculture.technomuses.ca and click on Activities and Events


News and Events

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  • A Quick Reminder 2-10-2017 - Just a quick reminder that the little Blueberry Junction store is not open after the fresh season.  Because the freezers are close to the Office we do FROZEN sales from there.  (As you drive in the driveway past the store … Continued
  • Summer Prices are almost over 29-8-2017 - Labour Day is approaching fast and so is the end of Summer Pricing!  You only have a few more days to take advantage of these prices: 30# freezer boxes – $60.00 5# freezer bags – $12.00 After Labour Day Monday … Continued

What People Say?

We stopped and bought a 10 pound box of blueberries from you on our way to the ferry today. We’re sitting in the ferry lineup now and we just tasted the berries. Now I wish we’d got a lot more. They’re the best blueberries we ever tasted!

My girlfriend won’t let me buy blueberries anywhere else. She says we have to wait until yours are ready because they’re the best.

I can’t believe it! I picked through the whole box and I didn’t have to throw one berry away.