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$10.00 5lb box

$20.00 10lb box

$60.00 30lb freezer box

(approximately 122 X 15.52 X 92 size with a plastic liner inside, ready for you to take home and freeze.)

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$2.50/lb for 5lb bag

$70.00 30lb freezer box


Health Tips

Blueberries are a good source of  vitamins C and E, minerals such as manganese, and dietary fibre.  They are low in sodium and fat free.


One cup of blueberries (250 ml) contains about 80 calories.


Scientists are continuing to research the health-related properties of blueberries, but so far they have discovered positive links to:


• Cardiovascular health

• High antioxidant activity (which may reduce cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diseases of aging)

• Prevention of urinary tract infections

• Improved brain function

• Diabetes management

• Longevity

• Reduced eye strain


Research continues.  Find out more by clicking on the “health” tab at:


www.blueberry.org  (The North American Blueberry Council)

www.bcblueberry.com  (The BC Blueberry Council)

News and Events

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  • OPEN TUESDAY JULY 18th! 10-7-2017 - We will be open JULY 18th at 8:00 a.m. The blueberries look really good this year, and with no rain in sight they will be top quality by the time we open on the Tuesday, July 18th.  We look forward to … Continued
  • The Bees Have Been Busy 31-5-2017 - Warmer weather over the last couple of weeks has helped the bees to do their job!  We anticipate a good crop which should be ready by the third or fourth week of July.  Weather will be the key to the … Continued

What People Say?

We stopped and bought a 10 pound box of blueberries from you on our way to the ferry today. We’re sitting in the ferry lineup now and we just tasted the berries. Now I wish we’d got a lot more. They’re the best blueberries we ever tasted!

My girlfriend won’t let me buy blueberries anywhere else. She says we have to wait until yours are ready because they’re the best.

I can’t believe it! I picked through the whole box and I didn’t have to throw one berry away.