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$13.00 5lb box

$25.00 10lb box

$70.00 30lb freezer box

(approximately 122 X 15.52 X 92 size with a plastic liner inside, ready for you to take home and freeze.)

Preferred date for pick-up:

$13.00 for 5lb bag

$75.00 30lb freezer box

We’ve finished our fresh pick for this season.  It was good to see so many familiar faces again this year, and nice to meet some new people too!  We had to do things a little differently this year, but it seemed to work ok

We put lots of the ‘no spray’ Dukes into the freezers, so you can come by to pick them up when you need to restock your freezer.  Right now we have 30 lb. boxes, and we’ll have 5 lb. bags again by mid-August.  Just give us a call at 604-556-8066 to arrange a time to pick them up.

We look forward seeing you again soon!